Bastard Age problems

Rent is too high. Wages are too low. The food and water are poisoned. The air is toxic. Our leadership is bought and paid for. The Men have been broken. The women fend for their selves. The children are lost. The schools are no more than detention centers. The Media spews fear, division and misinformation. We are under constant surveillance. We are sick and tired. The Doctors bilk us dry with no compassion. They perpetuate illness. We fight wars for profits. And capitalize the suffering.  We don't know or trust our neighbors. The Police are militarized. They murder the innocent. Deception is rampant. Love is cheapened. Sex is promoted. Morals have been made into bullies- Their judgement forbidden. Gender is chosen. Men marry men. Women marry women. Satan is excused while Jesus is mocked. Atheist boast proudly. The church remains silent for fear of offending. The stress is unbearable. So drug addiction runs wild. Our thoughts are controlled. We are programmed to obey. Our discernment is muted. Our rebellion turns inward. We praise our oppressors. We idolize their lifestyles. They tighten the noose. We blame ourselves. The wealthy gain more wealth. The poor lose hope. They fight over scraps. New world order is in affect. The culling is next. We're like lambs led to slaughter. We live in the BASTARD AGE.