The Oj Simpson trial: A Fathers burden.

Its the 20 year Anniversary of the most infamous trial in the history of the Bastard Age. The Oj Simpson trial polarized america along racial lines like no other event before it. With all the reminders by the Bastard Age media of this sadly historical event, i couldn't help but revisit how i felt and what i thought back then. First and foremost, let me say i felt horrible for the families directly affected by this gruesome and violent crime. The children of Oj and Nicole, the Brown family, the Goldman family as well as the Simpson family were in my prayers back then, and now that the ratings whore media has drudged up this horror again i pray for them all anew. May God heal those wounds of sorrow and lost and may the memories of Ron And Nicole be steeped in the joy of the lives they live and not in the horrific violence of the way their lives were taken. 

I think i know what happened. I think i know who done it, if you will. I shared my thoughts back then with friends and family but everyone was so caught up in the racial overtones and undertones of the trial, the bigoted corrupt cops, the high priced lawyers(My man Johnny Cochran!) and what goes on behind the high ivy covered walls of the rich and famous, they could barely hear me. But i had some "inside information".  I received it from a good friend who shall remain nameless, that had a connection to the Simpson family a year or so before the brutal crime was committed. Whether or not the "Information" was true or not i cannot say but i do know that my "friend" was not one to fabricate or embellish things, so i was inclined to believe them then and i still believe them now. 

I'll give it to you straight. I think Oj's son did it. He had ready access to the bronco and Oj's knife collection. He  knew the ins and outs of the Brentwood mansion because he stayed their often and lived their on occasion. The reason the DNA was a close match was because the blood belonged to OJ's son. Even back then Oj could barely swing a golf club. He struggled with simple things like going up a flight of stairs, no doubt because of the number of years being bruised and battered during his NFL playing days.  There is no way he could have murdered the fit young man that Ron Goldman was as well as the mother of two of his children at the same time. Even when he was convicted of armed robbery for attemting to retrieve some of his stolen memorabilia he made sure someone had the "Heat"-a gun. That to me sounds like a man who knew his days of physical altercations were over.

 The murders were ambush style. Look back at the end of the bronco pursuit tape. Check the part where OJ and Al pull up at the house and watch how Oj's son comes bolting out of nowhere in a flash running to the Bronco. Ambush style.  Look at how Al pushes him away. You would think that OJ seeing his son would be a strong deterrent against the suicide that Oj was threatening to commit yes? But no, Al pushes him away as if his son was under some threat. Threat of what? His Dad killing him? I think not. Look at the way Oj's son responds when the verdict is read. Everyone in Oj's family is elated except him. His reaction is deadpan not celebratory.  Could it be he feared they would now come after him?  And the final clue for me was the strange way in which Oj responded when the police and the press asked him if he would do everything in his power to help find his ex-wifes killer. He responded with "That's the job of the police." A weirdly cold response to say the least. Could it be that he refused to cooperate because he knew his son was the murderer? I think Oj knew he could provide the perfect smoke screen to protect his son. He knew that the world and their cloaked racism and hatred of him would focus all their attention on him and his wild goose chase and not even consider his son as a suspect. It was a perfect cover up.  A burden that a lot of fathers might ill-advisedly assume. If it don't fit you must acquit. Would the gloves have fit Oj's son? Hmmmm... we may never know.

What about motive i hear you asking. Here is where the "inside information" comes in. It's well known and established that Nicole was an avid cocaine user. Its also well known that Oj was a notorious cheater. Nicole knew this as well. and like most women she despised it. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned right? That goes triple for a woman on coke. My friend told me  they witnessed what they described as some serious PDA between Nicole and Oj's son during a few coke filled binges and hot tub forays when Oj was out of town on business or whatever.  My friend told me that they were sure that Nicole and Oj's son were having sex the way they behaved with one another. It made everyone that witnessed it during these coke filled hot tub parties more than a little uncomfortable because Oj's son was a bit aggressive and highly possessive towards Nicole and he didn't seem to care who saw or what they thought.  And what better way to get back at a notorious habitual cheater  than to have sex with his son under the excuse of doing too much yayo.  But Oj's son had serious emotional problems. He had more than a few psychotic lapses before and after the murders. I think he lost his mind in a jealous rage and murdered Nicole and Ron during one of his psychotic episodes.  

And lastly, Oj lost the civil suit. He was found guilty of having some knowledge of or being indirectly responsible for what happened to Nicole Brown- Simpson and Ron Goldman. Which to me proves that a judge or a jury felt that he knew something. Something that he may take to his grave. In the meantime he rots away in a jail cell while his son is free. Free physically, but if my theory is correct, he is not free psychologically. If my theory is correct his burden must be heavy. If my theory is correct i hope he is getting treatment. Because to say he needs it is an understatement... if my theory is correct. If it is, then Oj IS guilty. Guilty of trying to protect a mentally and emotionally disturbed son whose psychosis resulted in the violent murder of two innocent people. Oj is guilty. Guilty of sacrificing his own charmed life to save the life of his son. Guilty indeed. Guilty of bearing the heavy burden of fathering a murderous child.  Smh... sippin my green tea. Oh what a tangled web we weave.  #Theory